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Tech support for NJ and NYC businesses

If You are Saying or Thinking:

“My Computer Crashed and I Need My Data”
“Oh NO--- Our Server Crashed”
“I Can’t Get Rid of these Pop Ups”
“My Computer is Taking Forever”
“Our Computers Must Be Infected”
“I Can’t Share Any of My Files or Even Print”

Don’t wait….it will only get worse.
Call Us Now at (862) 218-5036

The First Time a Business Calls Us, It’s To Solve A Problem…
Then They Retain Us
 to Make Sure It Never Happens Again

If We Have a Disaster, How Can I be Sure You Will Get Us Back Up and Running Quickly?


Some disasters are unavoidable. The preventative measures we provide can minimize the impact.

            A Health Plan for Your Business:

       12 Things We Can Do to Make It Run Better:

  1. Organize your data in a central location to increase productivity
  2. Protect your information against data loss with an automatic and automated backup solution
  3. Protect your business information from unauthorized users
  4. Protect against infiltration of viruses and spyware
  5. Control access to sensitive materials and proprietary data
  6. Keep your business running on a reliable network with little to no downtime
  7. Secure remote access to business information and resources from virtually anywhere, anytime for example: access your work computer from home or while you are traveling or on vacation
  8. Synchronize your PDA or Blackberry to your home and work computer
  9. Reduce non-business use of company computers by eliminating access to certain sites (online shopping, IM,, Facebook and more)
  10. Allow you to focus on what you do best, not on your computers
  11. Share resources and office equipment over your network and reduce costs
  12. Implement technology that can grow with your business


We have a list of Professional Software for Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants and Other Professionals

We provide onsite computer repairs and tech support and have many testimonials from satisfied clients.

If you need computer repairs or help with your home computer, small business computer network, software or hardware, it is possible for your computers to be fixed right the first time without the downtime, hassles or ineffective solutions that are all too commonly found in our industry.

We encourage you to carefully review our site and then call us to set up an appointment.

We will provide you multiple solutions to solve your problem.

Call 862-218-5036 and set up an appointment so we can evauluated your currert situation, and then we determine how to bring you up to speed for todays High Tech demanding world. We can help you level the playing field with your compitition, and bring order to your world.










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